About Us

Foster and Forever is a small but growing local animal rescue organization located in Naugatuck, Connecticut, which was founded in 2011 by an enthusiastic and dedicated group of animal lovers. The organization is funded exclusively by local individual donations, and receives neither corporate nor government sponsorship or funding. Foster and Forever Pet Rescue is 501(c)3 tax exempt & registered with the State of Connecticut.

We are a no-kill pet rescue organization with one important goal: to find homes for every member of our Foster and Forever Family, irrespective of age or health. Foster and Forever will take all the necessary steps to achieve this goal, from rescuing and taking in aging, abused or ill animals, to providing them with the medical attention and socialization skills they need, to seeking out and vetting prospective owners in order to ensure that these animals find themselves in warm and loving forever homes that are the perfect fit for their unique needs.